Self-discipline in a pursuit to achieve needs

“Nature loves symmetry” in the same manner nature loves discipline too.
Whatever happens naturally, guilelessly and without any artificial aid in this so called modern and scientific contemporary world is bodaciously disciplined.
Now the question arises what discipline actually is ?

So, I would define it as “having the highest form of moral values and character”, and this term “discipline” which is a way of life, is an individuals fief and bailiwick.
We as individuals have complete control, authority and superior knowledge about ourselves and with all our efforts we can achieve this end of being disciplined and this can be easily consummated by self control which is self discipline.
For me self discipline is directly proportional to self control,as it is always said ,that the greatest struggle is always within ourselves,we need to control our desires, emotions, temptations, thoughts and impulses.

It is always important to balance our covets. Self discipline can be a pursuit for achieving all our needs but achieving desires have some other story to tell.
Self discipline and desires can’t be complementary to each other but are contradictory.more the desires we want to be fulfilled less self disciplined we can be,so our desiderates, hankers and jones need to be limited and the most essential means to achieve this end is self satisfaction, self indemnification and self gratification. We need to be satisfied with whatever we are blessed with.

Self discipline needs to be learned. We need to learn how our society expects us to behave. The educational and religious institutions play a major part in disciplining the individuals.whatever wrong in being done in our society is somewhere the dearth of self discipline. Subjects like Sociology, Criminology, Penology, Victimology have been introduced for the better understanding of living a disciplined life.
Harking back to 1975, I would like to quote “James Clavell”, who in his novel Shōgun, said:

“To think good thoughts require effort .This is one of the things discipline training is about”.

James Clavell

10 thoughts on “Self-discipline in a pursuit to achieve needs

  1. Articles need to be concrete and cohesive…
    Defining terms is best done by dictionary…
    Nonetheless life is a continuous process of learning..
    Keep going..

  2. There is a Great need For Today’s Society to Be Self disciplined and U Have Given Right message and Learning by This….I really appreciate your initiative By heart.God bless you

  3. This is amazing!we really need to work on it,the way u have explained will help everyone to introspect where we are lagging

  4. I think this post is very useful becoz in this modern world everyone even a little child knows meaning of self discipline, but they don’t show that in every step of life… As per my thinking knowledge is not necessary for showing discipline or maintaining discipline in life…. As per me illiterate elders show self discipline instead of this literate young generation….
    So we all should teach books mentioning self discipline…my dear this is very good initiative… keep it up …❤️❤️proud of uh❤️❤️

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