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You are running a website; or are probably responsible for developing/managing a WordPress. Ever wondered what could it feel like when your site gets hacked just because you ignored knowing the security side when developing something? I used “when” and not “if” because if you neglect the security of any web application, it is guaranteed to be hacked. So then, it isn’t about “if” attackers will try exploits on your website, it is about attackers all over the world, surfing any and every random site picks up on you “when” the time comes!

Before you read further, note that this article is aimed at:

  • Web developers
  • WordPress Users
  • Security analysts and professionals
  • Pentesters (will help you in knowing what devs have missed and gives you the idea to test WP based web apps)
  • Bug Bounty Hunters (will help you in knowing what devs have missed and gives you the idea to test WP based web apps)

So how hard is managing web security on WP?

Security concerns on web apps emerge every single day so completely eradicating the problem is impossible but following proper guides and instructions and staying closer to knowing the crucial things help a lot in mitigating the problem to some good extent.

WordPress-Security-Manual is an ebook which includes step by step instructions with screenshots and shows you how you can protect your WP site against:

* Bruteforce attacks
* SQL Injections
* Clickjacking
* Malicious spiders and bots.

You’d also be able to learn about additional security related concepts which may not seem very significant at first but defintely helps in building and understanding security researchers. (If you have any security background you’d know tat each mentioned attack can make things worse for domain owners)

Other things included:

  • Securing WP installation and login screen
  • Setting Firewall and blocking malicious payloads
  • Setting up functional security headers
  • Configuring .htaccess on Apache servers

So what are you waiting for?

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