Emotions and Controlling them

Emotions can be defined as the feelings of sadness, anger, love, like, frustration. Every emotion is associated with some feeling that is in the heart. If we define emotions in context to biology these are the responses that our body gives to certain external or internal events. Every person no matter what their age is or what they are, they have emotions. There are certain emotions such as joy, happiness where we feel good and want to stay in them as longer as we can, but the other emotions like fear and anger and difficult to handle and we want to get away from them. Thus there are positive as well as as negative emotions. The positive emotions need not to be controlled as there can’t be anythything wrong because of those but the negative emotions can lead to a unfortunate consequence. We cannot change how we feel in response to a certain situation as emotions control us. According to some people, we cannot control our emotions no matter how hard we try to, we can only hide them. Emotions are very much powerful and it is hard to control them, but to socially adapt with people we should be able to control our emotions in one way or the other way. Sometimes letting out our emotions can have a negative outcome on our relationships with our family and friends. Controlling our emotions leads to happiness, if we cant control our emotions then our reactions to certain stressful and annoying situations can lead to rage and violence. We can even start shouting or do the things that we shouldn’t be doing which later on can make us feel sorry and we regret those decisions in our life. Emotions get transferred easily for example if someone has an anger that was because of his/her work, they can let out their anger on their family members or can even beat their children for no reason. Not everyone can control their emotions some can dot it easily but some can’t. Controlling our emotions doesn’t mean that we should not express them as they can othewise leave a negative impact on us in one way or the other way.

Controlling them

We can control our emotions in many ways:

• Recognise your emotions before trying cope up with them so that it gets easier.
• We can ask ourselves why are we feeling frustrated, what is the reason behind our anger or frustration and we can try to sort that out in an easier way in our mind.
• We should focus towards more postive things.
• Accept your emotions, all of them whether they are good or bad.
• Exercising can also help in controlling our negative emotions as it triggers our brain to release dopamine (also known as feel-good hormone).
• Practicing your emotional regulation skills
• We can try breathing exercises.
• Do not overthink. Overthinking about a negative emotion can get us stuck in that situation.
• We can write our emotions on our diary friend and smile as much as you can.

The ability to understand and interpret the emotional states of others is very important in our social life. Emotions play a major role in our behaviour. To sum up everything that has been stated so far we should control our emotions for the exact purpose of making our life better. The particular reason for this circumstance is that by controlling our emotions we can get a more happier and joyful life, our relations won’t be disturbed with anyone. This actively states that our life will get better. We have the power of shifting our mindset and improving our life so lets just do that because life is for us.

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