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Security Researching/Pen-Testing is a growing field. This is very less known and its significance is generally neglected. From our survey, we found that top security researchers earn around $30,000-40,000/month. However, quite honestly fitting in the top researchers and earning the nearly equal range isn’t as easy to do as it is to mention. A well knowing and not necessarily highly skilled also earns somewhat between $500-1000 a month which if is a good amount considering if you’re living in Kashmir, India, Pakistan.

What is Pen-Testing and how to get started?

Finding security vulnerabilities in companies and disclosing the findings with these companies in a proper way is what it means. Pentesting/Secuirty-Testing is also the same job that seecurity engineers do for their own companies, but this initiative is open to the world and not just to their own employees. This is typicallly known as Bug Bounty.

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